Right, then. Start calling up that calendar for October because the NBA has announced that two teams from the big league will be coming to Europe (presumably as part of the 2014 NBA Europe Live tour), with another six heading to other continents. From the NBA and Associated Press, the schedule looks like the following.

“The Oklahoma City Thunder will open the proceedings by playing Fenerbahçe Ülker on Oct. 5 in Istanbul. The Philadelphia 76ers follow a day later against Uxue Bilbao in Spain.

“The Thunder and 76ers then meet on Oct. 8 in Manchester, England.

“The Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers will meet on Oct. 10 in Manila, Philippines, and again on Oct. 13 in Taipei, Taiwan. Also in Asia, the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers will play each other on Oct. 15 in Beijing and then again three days later in Shanghai.

“In South America, the Chicago Bulls will play the Washington Wizards on Oct. 12 in Rio de Janeiro.”

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