Well, maybe it’s a few things you didn’t know about Marco, but just one that I noticed on the official Golden State Warriors blog (via ESPN’s TrueHoop).

I thought I knew a lot about Marco but I still happened to learn some more today reading an excellent article on Italy-based Gazzetta dello Sport website (Italian language). Various things I learned: Marco can’t drive, so he asked one of his best friends to come over to the ‘States to be his driver.

He lives in a big house close to the Berkeley campus in San Francisco. He was nicknamed “Cookie Monster” by his teammates because of his love for American cookies. The only thing is that this love made him gain 4 kilos … He’s now supposed to go easy on the cookies. Last but not least, Kobe Bryant gave him his cell phone number and they’re trading text messages.

Yeah, Marco’s life could be a dream come true … if only he could dance…

See, Marco Belinelli cannot dance at all. Or maybe he is shy, I don’t know him personally, but this made him lose some of his poker face. I remember when him on draft night in New York…

He was wearing his pink suit with his whole family around him, which made my American friend with whom I was watching laugh out loud.

I also talked to an Italian basketball insider about how Belinelli got to be such a good shooter or player in general. He told me that the current Lottomatica Roma coach told Belinelli: “Hey if you want to play well, I’ll have to give you some playing time!” I wonder if this would also help him in Golden State, since Mr. Nelson is probably not giving him a lot of time to prove himself this year.

Below runs the video of Marco Belinelli’s dancing abilities – after watching the video three times I think that Kosta Perovic is actually even funnier.

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