If the hard-rhyming, not-even-in-America-playing Jonas Valanciunas can inspire a song, the Human YouTube Highlight Clip is certainly fit material for crooning. Sort of, anyway. Brooklyn-based electronica performer Oneohtrix Point Never is working on a musical homage to La Pistola, this week releasing a three-minute long tune appropriately entitled “Rubio” on Soundcloud.

If you ask BiE, this track may be excellent ambient, but isn’t it far too Tangerine Dreamy for a high-energy mover and shaker such as Rubio? Just like Ricky himself, BiE keeps waiting for “Rubio” to bust out from the restraints of slow tempo to lead a fast break, perhaps infusing some trickery along the way. (Track runs below.)

Rubio demo by Oneohtrix Point Never

Until some enterprising, hoops-digging artist produces a more updated ballad for the Spanish playmaker, then, we’ll just have to stick to Chris Cates’ now-dated “Oh, Ricky Rubio…”

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