The Italian team of Premiata Montegranaro just finalized the deal of the year week. Shawn Kemp, the Reignman will relaunch his basket ball career and play in Italy next season.

The fourth placed team of last year in the Italian Lega announced this incredible move today on its official homepage. So a lot of basketball fans from the 90s will open their eyes on this signing and try to get a tape of one of Montegranaro’s games of this season.

With the signing of Brandon Jennings in Roma, you will have the opportunity to see two early movers of the NBA world face each other in Italy this season. Kemp was one of the first guys making the big step out of High School to the NBA while Jennings is the first top High School prospect turning professional in Europe in order to prepare his NBA career.

So track the 21st December in your agenda for the game in Rome where two generation of NBA-High School movers will face each other for the first time.

BTW, I just want to remember Tobi on his Five cents on the possibility of a Reignman signing in Italy. Let’s see if he takes this announcement serious.


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