Spike LeeUnfortunately criminally underrated in the greater popular consciousness as a film director (to wit: why are films like Clockers, The 25th Hour, Summer of Sam more well-remembered and -respected?), Spike Lee nevertheless enjoys tremendous notoriety as the world’s biggest, most visible New York Knicks fan – and as a fantastic Tweeter as well.

Spike will naturally be sitting courtside for the Knicks’ game against the Detroit Pistons in London’s O2 Arena tonight to support “Africa’s team” (He just said that). And this morning UK time, the director paid heed to the Knickerbocker nation and his own fans by taking to Twitter; BallinEurope today rounds up Spike’s mass media and social media foray…

The verdict on London in general after the first 24 hours or so? Tweeteth the Spike: “London is HIP.” A few more immediate impressions may be seen below, as Spike got plenty of facetime before international media.

Demonstrating some deadly use of virtual sarcasm, Lee broke the news to the gullible that he may in fact have alternate plans for tonight. ““@SpikeLee are you going to the knick game in London?” No,Taking The Queen Out For Tea.

In all seriousness, Spike is stoked, however, as evidenced by his weather forecast: “It’s Gonna Be Like Da Garden Tonight LONDON STYLE. Orange And Blue Skies Over The United Kingdom. GOD SAVE DA KNICKS.”

In case you were wondering, the director informed the Tweetosphere that he’ll be wearing Saville Row footwear tonight, which naturally prompted one lightning-quick (hey, that’s what it takes these days) marketing type to appeal, “Spike come to saville row, we got you. Free top hats, coat tails, bow ties and church’s brogues for top Knicks fans to wear…” as of this writing, that pitch went out about one hour ago; BiE wonders how many are keeping watch for Mr. Lee out there right now…

Incidentally, no word on what sort of headwear he’ll be breaking out at the game. BiE thinks England needs to get a look of this baby:

Tonight, Spike will be partying with Baron Davis, in fact; here’s to hoping for a few revealing tweets and/or Instagrams from that pub crawl…

And one of the most quotable guys in all the American film industry – even when the subject isn’t Quentin Tarantino or Clint Eastwood flicks – Spike gets maximum trash-talking power leveraged on Twitter as well, i.e. “What other team?” Ouch!

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