Holger, who runs the basketball community allballers, just got back from a trip to Dallas where he was able to talk to Dirk Nowitzki after the preseason game against the San Antonio Spurs. He forwarded me some questions, users of his website wanted to ask Dirk. As you can imagine – these fan questions are always the best.

Q: Dirk, why is your hair sometimes shaved and then the next time it is long and you look like a cave man just to cut them off a few days after?
Dirk: Well there is no real reason for it. I don’t really care about my hair, just if they bothering me, hanging in my face, I ll cut them off. But somehow you are right, the hair just shows how I feel.

Q: Dirk, would you participate in Dancing with the stars like Mark Cuban?
Dirk: NO WAY! I would NEVER do that! Sometimes I start dancing to a good song, of course, but I would never do something like Mark does. By the way this is also hard work! Mark told me that they sometimes practice up to six hours a day.

Q: They always say that you are more of a shy and very calm guy. What does it take that you really hate somebody?
Dirk: Yes, you are right, I am a very calm guy and very introverted. The only place where I really show my feelings is on the court. Off the court I always choke everything up.

Thanks again to Holger for sending me those questions – much better than any post game interview asking about the game..

Oh yeah, by the way, Dirk got his own new web site online! 41-world.com - as you can imagine he is the next NBA player to have his own blog..