One of the most down to earth basketball players in the NBA is for years now the German Wunderkind Dirk Nowitzki. Through the forums of Basketsession and the discussion about Scottie Pippen’s return to Finland, I found these Videoclips of a documentary that features the Dallas Mavericks star and the German Jazz Trumpetist Till Brönner.

The European TV channel arte was/is featuring a series that always brings together two very different people and lets them spend a night out together. In 2003, they organized a meeting between the 2m13 forward from Dallas and the 1m89 tall trumpet player Till Brönner.

I really enjoyed this as it first of all shows Dirk in his “daily” life and you can see that he is a pretty funny guy. What this has to do with Scottie Pippen? In fact, Dirk talks about Pippen having always been his idol but then finding out that Pippen is a arrogant a**h**e. For those who just want to see that quote, check this out at about 4 minutes.

The whole documentary has been uploaded on youtube, it is really worth watching and it is subtitled in English.