The “Monday Hangover” column on greater happenings last week in European ball will be posted later today, but in keeping with the promise to cover our new home team, here’s a few words on the woefully still MIA Ricky Rubio.

Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune noted on Saturday that “Rubio, coming back from knee surgery, looked very nimble. The Wolves have bringing Rubio along slowly, deliberately. But, week by week, he looks to be doing more. Saturday he was doing lateral movement exercises with Love … during his sprint he looked very fast.

“I would imagine,” concluded Zgoda, “Rubio isn’t far away from…”

(Pause for dramatic effect.)

“…starting to do some cutting exercises.”

Ack. Ah well, devotees of Señor Rubio. Still weeks of waiting to do, then…

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