“What happened to Mickael Gelabale?” is a question that I have asked myself several times over the last months. Gelabale was one of my favorite players with the French national team during Eurobasket 2005 in Serbia where he was present with big-time three-point shooting and terrific defense. This was when he played for Real Madrid under coach Bozidar Maljkovic who took him to Spain from his former club Cholet Basket.

For those who don’t remember those days and for everybody else too, watch the highlight clip below to see what Mickael was able to do back then.

But one NBA Draft and a rookie season later, Gelabale started to struggle with the Seattle Sonics and was demoted to the D-League team in January 2008. A blown knee in March 2008 definitely eliminated Gelabale from the wooden court. There were rumors about him coming back last fall but visa issues apparently prevented him from signing a new contract in the United States. A possible contract in Europe has also been discussed but nothing ever became serious or close to reality.

Now, basketnews.net reports that Gelabale has finally found his way back to basketball, signing a deal with the Los Angeles D-Fenders in the D-League, and that he will probably play his first game as soon as next Thursday. I hope he finds his way back to his Real shape and comes back stronger after this long absence period to gratify us with some of his brand of spectacular play.

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