Not enough time for reading up on everything basketball this week? Have no fear, for has collected a top-five for your perusal this Sunday.

• Not sure if this was the best basketball-themed piece of the week, but it certainly was the most unique(?): Sneaker specialists took a brief sojourn from dressing up the feet to looking at heads – specifically, the top 10 all-time NBA player haircuts. The site is German-language, but these pictures are truly worth a thousand words each. At least.

Naturally, no one is ever satisfied with any top 10, so BallinEurope would suggest the following additions:

Moochie Norris. I mean, the man will ultimately be more remembered for the frizzy ‘fro than anything he achieved on-court.

Speaking of classic afros, two words: Doctor. J.

And going completely the other way, you’ve gotta dig the immortal Chris Mullin flat top – not only was this the best haircut on the Dream Team, you have to give props to anyone who idolized Set Shot of “The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh” this much. (Hey, if Kickz can put Andre Biedrins’ gel-heavy thing on the list, i’m enumerating Mullin.)

• Good ol’ Slam and Freaknick are running a short-but-sweet interview with Cappie Poindexter, she of Rutgers and the Phoenix Mercury and no playing with UMMC Ekaterinburg in Russia.

• On Sergio “Spanish Chocolate” Rodríguez, finally coming into his own in the NBA with the Sacramento Kings, and the man who gave him the nickname.

The Starting Five scored a sweet interview with Stephen A. Smith of ESPN fame for a nice piece about the state of race in America and how important it is for a sports reporter to, um, you know, actually *write*.

• Finally, three-and-a-half minutes with the ACB Murcia cheerleaders. You’re welcome.

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