Podcast (finally on iTunes!): Analysis, jibber jabber, and some Official Fearless Predictions™ with Sam Meyerkopf of Euroleague Adventures

Taking the Charge podcast seriesEpisode #30 in the heinnews/BallinEurope co-produced weekly podcast series Taking the Charge and now available online.

And, as cool as the prospect of breaking down the Euroleague quarterfinal round matchups with Sam Meyerkopf of the excellent Euroleague Adventures and David “The Hardest-Working Journo in European Basketball” Hein is, even more exciting is the news that *finally* Taking the Charge is available on iTunes.

To subscribe from this episode ad infinitum, enter http://heinnews.com/feed/taking-the-charge/ into iTunes or any podcast aggregator.

Ultimately, this could be the Greatest 2½-Hour Euroleague-centered Podcast Which Also Includes A Sports Movie review (in this case, the independently-produced 2008 film Sugar) of All-Time — a genuine classic…< /in-joke >

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Podcast: Interviews with Bostjan Nachbar, Nick Gibson; “No Phoenix, No Ashes” reviewed

Episode number 10 of the “Taking the Charge” podcast series, a co-production of BallinEurope and Germany-based heinnews, is now online. Headlining this ‘cast is an interview with Brose Baskets Bamberg and Team Slovenia’s Bostjan Nachbar, who spent a solid ten minutes with David Hein after wrapping a Euroleague game – mad, mad, the maddest of props to Mr. Nachbar!

Hein and yours truly go on to fill the aural space by chatting with the incomparable Euroleague AdventuresNick Gibson; about either website or man, BiE can say nothing negative. Gibson naturally shares about a zillion of his insights into the Eurobasket 2013 draw as well as happenings in the big ‘league, all done up in a mutated three-person version of Pardon the Interruption’s “Fact or Fiction.”

(Incidentally, the entire trio had some difficulties in categorizing this things – separating fact from fiction, one might say. All BiE can say is that this week’s podcast is the result of draw-breaking to late night coffees; a modicum of sympathy, if you will…)

Other topics of discussion include Nikola Vucevic’s fantastic start with the Orlando Magic; the Minnesota Timberwolves and the waiting game (at least half-finished now!); the Los Angeles Lakers; events in German Bundesliga basketball; the preeminence of Arvydas Sabonis in BallinEurope’s new logo poll; and way too much other stuff.

Our movie review of the week is “Phoenix in die Asche” (English title “No Phoenix, No Ashes”), a 2010/11 documentary capturing the trials and tribulations of Phoenix Hagen in its first Bundesliga season, particularly those involving an American player named Michael Jordan…

You can download the entire podcast here. Talk to you next week!

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Eurobasket 2011: BallinEurope podcasts, makes Official Fearless Predictions™

As BallinEurope gets ready to hit the road for Lithuania – Panevezys, specifically, where BiE’ll be covering EuroBasket Group A action – there’s just enough time for a shameless plug and Official Fearless Predictions™.

Last week, BiE guested on podcasts with the indomitable Freaknick over at the always fun and insightful Euroleague Adventures. We spent more than enough time going over each of the groups and expounded on various related (and not necessarily so related) topics related to EuroBasket 2011, so links are provided for when you want to kill a little have some time to listen in.

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