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Highlight of the weekend: Spartak Vladivostok get surprise assist in match vs. Unics Kazan

A shout out to Sportando, which draws our attention this morning to what could very well be “The Assist of the Year.” From the yesterday’s Unics Kazan-Spartak Vladivostok PBL match, here’s Troy Gillenwater beating a zone defense by cleverly finding the open man – Gundars Vetra – who in turn feeds Aleksei Golyakhov for the jumper.

Oddly enough, neither the basket nor the assist were counted on the stat sheet; BiE wonders why…

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Euroleague Women’s semifinals: Four teams, four stories

Diana TaurasiThe 2009-10 Euroleague Women final four games go down tonight, with Spartak Moscow region facing off against UMMC Ekaterinburg and Ros Casares meeting Wisla Can-Pack. BallinEurope offers a few tidbits and links to prep you for some ladies’ b-ball.

For Wisla Can-Pack, the story is the team itself. To describe this team’s 2009-10 Euroleague campaign as “memorable” would be both disservice and massive understatement. The compressed version goes something like: team joins Euroleague Women at last minute thanks to some schadenfreude gifted by CSKA Moscow; teams goes 8-0, extends mark to 10-2; in semifinals, team gets past pre-season near-favorite MiZo Pécs easily; team then survives 15-point blowout and two nail-biters to overcome Frisco Sika Brno; team finally finds itself facing Final Four hosts.

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