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Thoughts and Trade Machine tinkering: Can the Lakers trade Pau Gasol?

As Los Angeles Lakers fandom giddily awaits the possible debut of Mike D’Antoni on the bench tonight and the emergence of the superteam most observers expected, the inevitable whispers are beginning: Yes, Pau Gasol appears to be on some imaginary trading blocks (and perhaps even the actual one) already.

As BallinEurope understands it, the thinking goes something like this: Pau has not performed brilliantly early on this season. He’s at his peak trade value. Literally the only tradable assets beyond Gasol are Metta World Peace and Steve Blake – unless taking a flyer on Chris Duhon or Earl Clark proves irresistible to someone. Dwight Howard should exploit a pick-and-roll game enough so that the Spaniard’s specialized skills aren’t missed too much. And hey, let’s face it, they’ve been trying to deal this guy for quite some time.

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Official 2010 BallinEurope mock draft, version 3.0: The first 15

Though not quite completely settled yet, most devotees have a pretty good idea of the pool for this year’s suddenly distinctly non-European flavored 2010 NBA Draft. BallinEurope’s man in the U.K., Sam Chadwick, revisits the official BallinEurope NBA Mock Draft once again with updated prognostications for the first 15 choices in round one.

1. Washington Wizards: John Wall (6’4”, PG, Kentucky, Freshman). As I said in the earlier mock, this is the easiest pick of the year, and even the Wizards can’t mess this up. After such a terrible season in Washington D.C., it’s nice to see something good happen. Hopefully John Wall can have the same impact that Derrick Rose had with the Chicago Bulls; the Wizards still need a few building blocks but winning the draft will increase their chances of landing a star free agent.

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