Monday Hangover: Žalgiris Kaunas impressive again; Saric’s 2012-13 debut; Goldsberry’s Bizarro Buzzer-Beater of the Week

Goldsberry, who won for losing

Damn, BallinEurope watched a lotta sports this past 72 years: Euroleague games, highlights, quarters here and there, a VTB United game, three hours of late-Sunday night NFL football, two sports-related films for upcoming Taking The Charge podcasts … life is ball games … and especially basketball, but unfortunately BiE watches almost nothing live and compresses most viewing into the weekend.

So no further ado: Three quasi-brief impressions from the bigger games, done up bullet-style.

Žalgiris: Ever interesting, ever relentless. BallinEurope’s recommended EL game of the week was Žalgiris Kaunas at Emporio Armani Milano. Žalgiris, with its slight vulnerability shown lately, needed to make a statement in this game in BiE’s opinion. Don’t worry Greens men and women: After this game, your guys will be sure to move up in the BallinEurope Euroleague power rankings

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Champions Crowned: Los Angeles Lakers, Brose Baskets Bamberg take titles, Montepaschi Siena almost

Now add 2010

Congratulations go out from BallinEurope to the Los Angeles Lakers and Brose Baskets Bamberg for taking national titles last night/this morning, while Montepaschi Siena is one big step closer to ending up Serie A champs yet again.

The last shall be first: You may have heard that the Lakers won their second consecutive NBA title already … in a remarkable display of D and despite notably horrific shooting, Los Angeles managed to overcome a 13-pont third quarter deficit and win, 83-79, over the Boston Celtics in the decisive game seven.

BiE’s favorite highlight? This one involving the Lakers’ 13th man, of course:

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