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Euroleague Basketball Institute recommends rule changes for “more free-flowing and rhythmic game”

The Euroleague and its Basketball Institute concluded its “Basketball Rules Summit” yesterday and today has put out a press release detailing some of the recommendations for future EL and Eurocup play. Said media communique follows.

(Euroleague) – …The spirited two-day debate among 13 of the top coaches, players, referees, team and league executives, media, television and marketing experts reached a consensus on proposals to improve a range of game situations that respected the summit’s goal in making the competitions cleaner, fairer and more exciting.

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Another Serbian export: Musli signs with Caja Laboral Baskonia

Not only is Belgrade basketball factory working in three shifts with many overtime hours, but its main export (i.e. promising centers) is overachieving expectations. Just after Miroslav Raduljica was transferred to Efes Pilsen, another gifted center has left FMP Zeleznik, an average team with great basketball academy located in the suburbs of the Serbia capital.

After a successful 10-day trial period, Caja Laboral Baskonia head coach Dusko Ivanovic signed seven-footer Dejan Musli, former star of the Serbian Super League, to a five-year contract. Musli was born in 1991 and has been a key player in international youth tournaments.

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The Spanish league explained: Part one

The quality of a national league here in Europe is not given by the value of top teams – every league has a number of top teams – but is more appropriately determined by how good the medium-to-low range clubs are.

Spain’s are good like no others are: This is why ACB is today the most important league on The Continent; even more important is the evident superiority when we talk about basketball houses, social involvement, and financial investment. Oh, and don’t forget the Spanish national team is European Champions, World Champions and Beijing Olympics runners-up. Dear sirs and madames, here it is, the giant ACB.

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