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How do you say “Shaqtin’ a fool” in French?

France’s Pro B league doesn’t get much media attention in the US and after the latest segment of “Shaqtin’ A Fool,” they won’t be hankering for another clip to appear on NBA TV. Check out Shaq’s no. 5 choice for the televised wall of shame, as SPO Rouen Basket head coach Sciarra Laurent applies a unique trap defense against Maritime Boulogne, only to get a “T” for his efforts – and sadly, an “L” for his team.


C’est fantastique! Amadi McKenzie throws down European Jam of the Week

All right, all you dunkophiles, BiE’s got your European Jam of the Week right here…

In the obscure levels of the Pro-B division of France’s LNB, Amadi McKenzie, formerly of the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles, plies his trade with Boulazac; last year, he was named the league’s forward of the year.

But who even needs this much background information when true gravity-defying is involved? Click here to see Amadi flying in from the top corner of the key to throw down a serious one-handed two against JSF Nanterre. (Unfortunately, you’ll have to go through Facebook to do it; BiE can’t turn this gem up via YouTube, Daily Motion or the LNB official website but when it exists, it shall be posted right here…)

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A legend goes down

With a 95-88 defeat this Tuesday against Cholet Basket, Elan Bearnais Pau-Lacq-Orthez has definitely been relegated to the ProB, the French second division. After 35 years of playing first-division basketball in the Bearn region, the team must now play one division lower and several levels lower than it was used to in previous years.

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France extends US quota despite protests, contrarian trend

Tonight, the French LNB announced that it has changed the quota rules for the ProA and the ProB. While several countries are openly discussing to reduce the number of the “Non-EU/Cotonou” (i.e. American) players, the French league went in the opposite direction despite protests from the local player union.

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