September 2013 will go down as the biggest period of change in this site’s history. Now that big step has been taken, we’re asking you to help us make the site better.

Don’t worry these state of the union type columns won’t be a regular feature on BiE. It’s just the right time to speak to you, our visitors, and ask you for feedback.

The turnaround from Os being editor to me (Emmet, hi nice to meet you) taking charge happened quicker than either of us expected and I’m happy to say we’ve handled it smoothly. Os has enjoyed taking a break and jumping in at the deep end of European basketball was exciting for me. The timing was pretty epic as the busiest weekend of the year for me on my other site just happened to directly coincide with the final weekend of EuroBasket. This is what my girlfriend had to deal with today.

BiE, the morning after.

The lifeblood of this site, Euroleague and national leagues, are just around the corner. I’ve outlined some of my plans for the site already, we’re going to have video, regular updates on Europeans in the NBA, regular updates on Euroleague, and deeper features. If I’m the only one making decisions this site is going to suck. That’s why I’m asking all of you one simple question.

What do you want to see on

You can leave a comment, message us on Facebook, drop a tweet, and eventually email us (we’re still working on that), to let us know. If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head don’t worry. In every publication or website I’ve been involved with, I’ve always been open to feedback on what can be done to make things better.

Speaking of Facebook, that’s one thing I plan to do a lot with but again I’m open to any ideas on what you guys want to see up there.

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