I promised you updates with this story so here is the latest: “I want to be German”, at least this is what the German news site RP-online tells us. Kaman said that he would want to play for the German national team.

He talked to the German Basketball Federation and they really try to make it happen.If you happen to speak German you probably won’t find the sentence “I want to be German” but this is what it really means to me. As cool as it would be to see Chris Kaman play for Germany it is still a national team. Isn’t everybody always talking about “representing their country” and “I am proud to play for my country”? Isn’t that the reason why “the chosen ones” go through this after a long NBA season?

So if Chris Kaman tells me he would like to play for Germany he is telling us that he is proud to represent Germany, doesn’t he?Again, don’t get me wrong, it would be great to see Chris Kaman next to Dirk Nowitzki this year at the Olympics, but the real reason why we have national teams would be lost – at least I think that way.

At least Chris‘ and Dirks‘ hair is kinda’ the same already.