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BallinEurope usually hears from Adi Micinic of Romania-based Total Baschet at this time of year as the country’s league winds up its season. Adi told us last month about possibly the hidden play of the entire tournament there, a beyond-controversial call which ultimately may have stolen CSU Asesoft Ploiești a semi-final win and continued them onto the winner’s stand again. Today, he provides recaps of the final round and the third-place series which ended quite familiarly…

CSU Asesoft Ploiești are the Romanian champions for the nine time in league history, wrapping up the series against BC Mureș four games to two in a best-of-seven set.

Ploiești’s Alhaji Mohammed, younger brother of the Chicago Bulls’ Nazr Mohammed, scored 38 points in the decisive game six played in Brazi which finished with the score 83-76. Vaidotas Peciukas replied with 23 points for Mureș.
Interestingly, the defense of CSU Ploiești – and maybe the offense of BC Mureș – was the deciding factor in the finals. When BC Mureș scored over 80 points during this series, they won.

BC Mureș, the team that finished the regular season in the first place, won the first game of the finals with the score of 91-81. CSU Ploiești won Game 2 of the finals by a score of 83-78. Both games were played in Targu-Mureș.

In Game 3, Mureș connected 13 times from long range for 54% on three-point shooting. They won in Brazi with the score of 90-63.

Games 4 and 5 were decided in favour of CSU Ploiești, 89-79 and 85-79, respectively. Game 4 was played in Brazi, and the next in Targu-Mureș.

Overall, Vladimir Tica was CSU Ploiești’s MVP in the finals. On the other side, Peciukas contributed the most in a losing effort by BC Mureș.

This is the ninth Romanian championship won by Asesoft, all since 2004. In the last 10 seasons, only in 2011 has Romania had another champion. BC Mureș meanwhile played in its first championship final and won the regular season for the first time in club history.

CSM Oradea completed the podium by beating Gaz Metan Medias, 2-1, for its best finish ever.

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