Jorge Garbajosa to join CSKA
What a signing by CSKA: Terrence Morris joins Ettore Messina for the 2008/09 season, but as you can imagine this was not the last signing CSKA Moscow has announced or will announce. It looks like they are battling it out with FC Bacrelona this year, at least as far as big signings are concerned.

This is where FC Barcelona is still in the lead by signing Spanish NBA player Juan Carlos Navarro. Hold up, wasn’t there a Spanish guy who just came to an agreement to leave his NBA club? Right: Jorge Garbajosa. You can be as sure as anything that CSKA officials are trying to get this man on the roster, or at least considering the move. We heard about Jorge signing with Unicaja, but with the latest weekend deals, Jorge might end up in Moscow: Even the Spanish media thinks so.

Jorge Garbajosa joining CSKA: basketball rumorsbasketball rumorsbasketball rumorsbasketball transfersbasketball transfers

Daniel Santiago to return to the NBA
Speaking of Malaga, is anybody thinking about Daniel Santiago from Puerto Rico? Just take a moment and look Daniel up on Wikipedia – this guy is like a chameleon! No, I’m not talking about his eyes; take a look at his name: Daniel Gregg Santiago Lynn. He can either go American with Gregg Lynn or Puerto Rican with Daniel Santiago. Well, just a funny side note…

On a more serious note, I just saw an interview with Daniel Santiago telling us that his contract with Malaga is over and he would love to join the NBA – again. He played for the Phoenix Suns in 2001 and the Milwaukee Bucks in 2003. Santiago also tells us that he would love to play in the NBA, although he has numerous offers from European clubs.

Santiago going to the NBA again … Well, he wishes: basketball transfersbasketball transfersbasketball transfersbasketball transfersbasketball transfers

Carlos Delfino to join Panathinaikos
Sounds great, doesn’t it, Greek basketball fans? And Panathinaikos has to come up with a signing like this. Nikola Pekovic alone won’t be enough to compete with FC Barcelona and CSKA Moscow, especially if Sarunas is leaving the club as many people hope or fear.

In Toronto, Carlos is stuck. He doesn’t get any significant playing time and probably not the kind of money a club like Panathinaikos is willing to offer. Bringing these thoughts together, I am sure Panathinaikos is considering Carlos.

Carlos coming to Greece: basketball rumorsbasketball rumorsbasketball transfersbasketball transfersbasketball transfers

Papaloukas to join Olympiakos
For some – at least some people in Greece -  this is already a done deal. I’m fine with that, but I do have my doubts. I was following Papaloukas closely at the Final Four in Athens last year and it looked to me like he was very attached to Panathinaikos, the arena and the fans. Don’t you think that Papaloukas signing with Olympiakos might make things even more difficult? Just imagine the Olympiakos vs. Panthianiakos game … We like excitement so we’ll approve this rumor!

Papaloukas joining Olympiakos: basketball rumorsbasketball rumorsbasketball rumorsbasketball rumorsbasketball rumors

Anthony Parker to return to Maccabi Tel Aviv
Good thinking: This guy knows how the game is played, but let’s not rip this Raptors team apart. Some players still have to remain, right? Meanwhile, I await the first Calderon-coming-back-to-Europe news.

Parker back in Europe … I’ll give it a one-star chance: basketball rumorsbasketball transfersbasketball transfersbasketball transfersbasketball transfers

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