Now online is episode #9 in the ongoing “Taking the Charge” podcast series, a production of heinnews with BallinEurope. In a desperate attempt to keep things under three hours for once, just one interview makes the ‘cast this week, but an interesting subject he is.

For Patrick Anderson is a three-time gold medalist and one-time world champion in the sphere of wheelchair basketball; he’s “largely considered to be the best wheelchair basketball player in the world and one of the greatest to have ever played the game” – and BiE’s quoting directly from Wheelchair Basketball Canada there – the Calvin Stadiums of wheeled hoops, to employ some “Taking the Charge” vernacular.

The now-retired Mr. Anderson lets us in on the specialized skills required in that game, his favorite moments, Steve Nash’s game on wheels and, in Taking the Charge’s attempt to relate as many obscure sports as possible into the tangential orbit of European basketball, the story of sledge hockey.

Also on the ‘cast are Dave and Davis’ musings on that whole FIBA thing (who else can’t wait for the announcement from the federation on Monday?); the still-awaited arrival of Mike D’Antoni to the Los Angeles Lakers; a handful of recent Euroleague, Adriatic League and VTB United League games; and surely more.

The entire podcast may be heard here. Talk to you next week!

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