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Euroleague MVP, All-Euroleague first team: The BallinEurope ballot

BallinEurope tries to take the responsibilities of Euroleague media partnership seriously and so spent way too much time deliberating over the vote for this season’s all-Euroeleague team/MVP awards. Having been given through last Friday – and after the result of the Olympiacos-Anadolu Efes game was in – to fill out the ballot, let’s just say BiE stayed up late determining just the right order for submission. One can’t take this stuff too seriously, can one?

Of course, every year, the thoughtful media member must first define “Most Valuable Player” Should this title be taken to mean simply the best player within the given association for the given year? Or perhaps the value of Player X to his *team*, i.e. consideration of how much worse X’s squad would have been without him, is most important – though this contention relies on speculation rather than the fact of accumulated stats.

Questions upon questions: What about the defensive contributions which elude statistical measure? Or those intangibles of leadership that a cagey veteran like Vassilis Spanoulis (or Sarunas Jasikevicius, for seven-minute bursts, for that matter) adds to a successful side? And on this note – How much emphasis and importance should be placed on participation with a winning team? The All-Euroleague first team these days has tended to include five players from Top Four teams, rewarding winning with an individual nod. But wasn’t someone having enough of a banner year to get a Montepaschi Siena or Caja Laboral Baskonia much further into the EL season than expected?

You see the can of worms BiE had opened; it’s like this every year.

Regardless, BiE’s ballot is in and after a subsequent weekend of watching more hoops, an examination of the thinking process. The Euroleague ballot is set in the now-fairly standard format: Media partners may vote for five players, with five points awarded to each voter’s no. 1 choice, four to the no. 2, three to the no. 3, etc. Once again, the ‘League is allowing free voting: Any five players regardless of position may be chosen. (At least that part was easy…)

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Triple-crown winner Dimantidis named Euroleague MVP

To the surprise of few, Dimitris Diamantidis was named MVP of the 2010-11 Euroleague season last night, thereby completing an individual triple crown in bagging MVP, All-Euroleague first team and Best Defender nods. Equally unsuspenseful was the naming of the All-Euroleague teams – hey, if BallinEurope can go five for five, it must have been obvious, eh?

Official press release follows.

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BallinEurope’s choices for All-Euroleague First Team

Euroleague Final Four week is finally upon us, with the culmination of one unpredictable and fun 2010-11 Euroleague season to come to head in the championship game in Barcelona on Sunday. BallinEurope will be there to cover the action, the talk and the atmosphere later this week; in the meantime, we’ll start seven days of Final Four coverage with BiE’s choices for 2011 All-Euroleague First Team and season MVP – bear in mind that these choices will have nothing to do with the actual results to be announced on Saturday. A pity.

Point guard. In the round of fan voting, BiE’s ballot had Dimitris Diamantidis; all the Panathinaikos spearhead has done this season was lead the Euroleague in assists with a total the officials tell us is eighth-best in league history. And what’s that you say? The man just took his sixth Defensive Player of the Year award in seven seasons? Sorry, Jeremy Pargo, BiE doesn’t even think this one’s close. Not this year.

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All-Euroleague Team 2010-11: BallinEurope’s ballot

Beyond checking out the wild Menorca-Caja Laboral Baskonia game yesterday, BiE spent a good deal of time this weekend contemplating an empty 2010-11 All-Euroleague team ballot. The EL folks sure don’t make things easy for the voter, providing 60 names are allowing one to vote for just five – not that anyone would ever think of stuffing the virtual box somehow…

All whinging and indecision aside, then, BallinEurope takes a stand and names the five below-listed players to make up the official BiE All-Euroleague team ballot for 2010-11.

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All-Euroleague first team highlights

Missing this guy yet, Denver fans...?

Who can get enough highlight clips? Certainly not BallinEurope, even if disagreeing with one or two of the selections made by the Euroleague folks this year.

Below the break runs three-and-a-half minutes of awesome action from yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 2009-10 All-Euroleague team, namely Olympiacos’ Euroleague MVP award-winner Milos Teodosic and Linas Kleiza; FC Barcelona’s Juan Carlos Navarro; CSKA Moscow’s Viktor Khryapa; and Partizan Belgrade’s Aleks Maric.

(Mutter, mutter, what about Tiago Splitter, grumble, mutter…)

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