Taking the Charge podcast seriesEpisode no. 22 of the heinnews/BallinEurope co-produced podcast series Taking the Charge is now available online.

This time out, guesting on the show is Aris Barkis of the excellent basketball site Eurohoops.net. While the name indicates that ‘Hoops is not exclusively devoted to the Greek game, David Hein and yours truly nevertheless get Aris to explain a bit about the madness descending unto courtside in the recent Greek Cup finals.

Of particular importance in the interview is Aris’ reminder that such incidents are generally not indicative of Greek basketball fandom as a whole, and that perhaps what’s mostly needed at Olympiacos-Panathinaikos games is German-style security…

Reviewed in this episode in our “Sports Movie of the Week” section is the American/Australian post-apocalyptic sport cult classic The Blood of Heroes, alternatively Salute of the Jugger (1989). In this one, Rutger Hauer stomps about the Outback as a grizzled veteran in a fascinating bloodsport mutated from rugby/American football known only as “The Game.” In the tradition of sports movies, also aboard is a young upstart who sees the game as her (that’s right, her; the post-apocalyptic future generates all sorts of badasses) ticket out of a poor life and into superstardom.

BiE contends that not only is Blood of Heroes compelling, exciting stuff, this film is actually well more unique and insightful that at first glance; tons of elucidation on this matter in the ‘cast.

For this and plenty of banter on all topics basketball, check out the entire podcast here.

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