BallinEurope’s Euroleague Transfers Table for 2012-13 now up

Finally, BallinEurope may emerge from the basement after tinkering away for days on the Euroleague Transfers Table for 2012-13. Please click on the previous link or on the tab at the top of any single BiE webpage to see the list — and feel free to float any news rumors you hear (not to mention to correct any mistakes) while BiE starts trolling around for rumors, i.e. stalks Twitter…

Enjoy and happy Euroleague offseason!

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Where will NBA’s European free agents go?

While everyone else in the basketball universe is watching the minute-by-minute maneuvers of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the like, BallinEurope has an eye on those powers from The Continent who may be moving around within the NBA to help reshape rosters for the 2010-11 season. Our man in the U.K., Sam Chadwick, ruminates on the final destinations of 15 European NBA players. Os Davis provides the ever-popular (yeah, surrrrrrrrrrrrrre) fearless predictions.

Right, so everyone knows this is the summer of free agency, with possibly the top free agents ever to come on to the market in the NBA. In total, there are around 17 European players on the market – right now, we’re ranking the top 15.

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The new transfers table is here! The new transfers table is here!

Your patience has been rewarded, BallinEurope Euroleague fans, and after a weekend of beers and World Cup football hard work trawling online, the 2010/11 BiE Euroleague Transfers Table is complete. You may find it by clicking here or by selecting the tab on the homepage.

Any corrections or even rumor reportage are happily accepted and much appreciated, but let’s take it easy out there, guys: For example, Lebron James ain’t coming to Europe, okay?)

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