Podcast: Interviews with Draft Express guru Jon Givony, “Best Unsigned Basketball Player” Dre Baldwin; paean to Obama; The Great White Hype reviewed

Another week, another podcast. The latest episode of the “Taking the Charge” podcast series is now live over at heinnews; this time, Germany-based sportswriter David Hein and BallinEurope run the following gamut.

• A quasi-obligatory nod to the recent W notched by Barack Obama, significantly the US’ first unabashed basketball fanatic in the Oval Office;

• The typical rundown/running on about past and upcoming Euroleague matches, plus how ready Os-as-Los-Angeles-Lakers-fan is to hit the panic button;

• An interview with Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, certainly one of the – if not *the* – authority website on basketball prospects throughout the world. Definitely stay tuned to this portion of the ‘cast to find out who the youth guru identifies as the second coming of Lynn Greer(!);

• An interview with Dre “All Day” Baldwin, who’s currently promoting himself as “The Best Unsigned Basketball Player Alive Today”; and

• A review of the criminally underrated Ron Shelton-penned boxing movie, “The Great White Hype.” (Incidentally, for little good reason aside from basic awesomeness, the trailer for said flick runs under the page break.)

Enjoy the show and, as always, talk to you next week!

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Short Monday’s cigarettes

The first phase of the Euroleague regular season is over. So here we go for the next phase and how could you better start than with a good amount of smoking cigarettes?

  • The story of the week may be the following. You remember probably the canceled Bundesliga game of Ludwigsburg versus Giessen two weeks ago: The game was booked as a 1-0 win for Ludwigsburg. Now, ALBA Berlin had to play in Bamberg on Saturday and here are the thoughts that head coach Luka Pavicevic had during the post-game press conference: For me as a coach, it is unacceptable to play that early (Saturday, 14.30) after having finished our Euroleague game only on Thursday night (in Ljubljana). I went to our GM Marco Baldi and informed him about my idea to skip this game and pay a fine like Giessen and go home with a loss but being fresh again for the next games. However, he outvoted me andtherefore the Bamberg fans can thank him because without him, there would have been no game today. I will let this go without comment…
  • Double overtime in Gran Canaria.
  • SLUC Nancy will try to get an A License for permanent membership in the Euroleague as of next season. The management of the French team will meet with Euroleague CEO Jordi Bertomeu on this subject this week.
  • The weekly Brandon Jennings watch: DNP.
  • Always nice to read: Jonathan Givony’s trip through Europe.