Josh Powell: “It’s size versus heart”

Olympiacos’ Josh Powell is fearless. Faced with the prospect of meeting CSKA Moscow’s talented and towering bigs in today’s Euroleague Final Four match, the former NC State Wolfpack/Los Angeles Lakers forward exudes confidence while feeling no trepidation at all…

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Caracter drama: Lakers’ pick draws interest from Italy, Israel, Olympiacos

While Los Angeles Lakers’ second-round draft pick Derrick Caracter impressed in NBA summer league play – even to rank third behind John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins in the “Rookie Ladder” – the former UTEP Miner may yet have to wait one more year to play in the big league. No matter, though, as reportedly some four major European clubs are interesting in obtaining the services of the big man.

After missing one season in college ball due to a transfer out of Rick Pitino’s Louisville, Caracter stomped through the 2009-10 NCAA season in producing a line of 14.1 points, 8.1 rebounds, 0.9 blocks and 1.0 steals per game: stats impressive enough to earn Caracter the label of The Second-Round Steal of the 2010 NBA Draft.

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American Streetballers now available in Europe; ‘Stateside DVD release in August

The independent production team behind Sundance Film Festival “darling” American Streetballers (née Streetballers) has had a good May. On the 1st of the month, the rechristened movie was released by Warner Brothers Digital in North America, thereby exposing this Sundance film to over 50 million households.

Better yet for European purposes, American Streetballers is also available on iTunes and Amazon Video On Demand. Unfortunately, no subtitles are available for the film in either online or television formats. Better news here is that an August 26th release date is set for the North American DVD release of American Streetballers, and this edition will be released with Spanish subtitles. Presumably, the Spanish text will be carried over into the film’s iTunes and Amazon versions.

The limited edition DVD will continue to be available on the official site; this one comes especially BiE-recommended to would-be small-budget movie producers for the making-of documentary entitled “The Making of a 100% Truly Indie Film.”

One of the few full-length basketball movies of 2009, American Streetballers is the first feature film from director/producer/writer/lead actor Matthew Scott Krentz. As IMDB PR would have it, “Streetballers is for basketball what Field of Dreams was for baseball,” i.e. “Defining street basketball as America’s new favorite pastime” or, as an updated Terence Mann might say, “basketball has marked the time.”

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Movie review: Streetballers

Amidst the NBA All-Star weekend festivities starting up tonight in Dallas, the independently-produced film Streetballers continues its distribution through America with a VIP celebrity/NBA charity screening and fundraiser. Set to host festivities is the Los Angeles Lakers’ Josh Powell, certainly the movie’s biggest fan (that’s his “best basketball film ever made” remark on promo material); P. Diddy will be hosting the post-screening bash.

Streetballers premiered in 2009 and stars Jimmy McKinney, the former University of Missouri/current Deutsche Bank Skyliners guard.

The film will be going on to local premieres in Miami, Washington D.C., and New York City – so how about bringing it to The Continent, Mr. Krentz? – but is available now in a special DVD edition (including lotsa extras) along with the soundtrack via NeoFlix. Click here for the official Streetballers movie website.

Review and official trailer follow.

It’s absurd if you think about it. Basketball itself, i mean. Seriously, what are we spending so much time doing, watching, obsessing over? An amusement involving humans displaying very specialized skills with the ultimate goal of inducing a ball to complete passage through a metal ring. That’s it.

Yet, to those who play the game, to those seek to make the game a life’s calling, to those who live and die with the games, it transcends. Strong individual personalities aside, team play in basketball requires a dissolution of the ego, a submission of self to greater altruistic good, to work best. Basketball can make one a better person, can bridge gaps in communication across fear and history, can bring pride to a nation.

Why? Call it the power of love of the game. And love, as we know, is its own reward.

Streetballers is a product of love of the game, and the first feature film from independent film quadruple threat director/producer/writer/lead actor Matthew Scott Krentz. It’s a deft exploration of true-to-life characters in a visual essay on how basketball links us all. (It’s no coincidence that the PR blurb on the film’s page leads with “Streetballers is for basketball what Field of Dreams was for baseball,” i.e. “Defining street basketball as America’s new favorite pastime” or, as an updated Terence Mann might say, “basketball has marked the time.”)

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Vujacic’s eight points in 14 minutes = “FOR SALE” sign?

Cmon! Dont trade me!

"C'mon! Don't trade me!"

With only three NBA games going last night, the most surprising story of the American evening needn’t have been too mind-blowing, but Sasha Vujacic’s performance in the Los Angeles’ Lakers surprisingly easy 101-89 win over the San Antonio Spurs was among the more remarkable at least.

Vujacic ended up with eight points on 3-of-3 shooting in the win and played 14 minutes. Sasha started the second quarter with a lineup full of showroom models just waiting to be taken away before the NBA trade deadline later this month: Along with Pau Gasol, Vujacic hit the floor with Jordan Farmar, Josh Powell and Luke Walton – all subjects of trade rumors in the past two weeks.

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