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Notre Dame grad Hillesland takes his blogging talent to Paderborn

Zach Hillesland has an announcement to make: “After spending five years and six summers in South Bend under the watchful gaze of the hypocritically expensive Golden Dome, I’m ready to leave.

“And where I’m going is Germany. To play basketball.

“For 8½ months.”

On July 20, German second-division club Paderborn Baskets announced the signing of Hillesland, the former Fighting Irish baller who missed out on the 2009-10 season due to injury. “So?” BallinEurope can hear you saying. “Another obscure American player goes to another obscure European team … why should i care?”

Well, because Hill has started up a blog entitled “Z Over There” to record his experiences in the (to him) exotic land where he’s relating his Pulp Fiction-esque takes on the little differences in Europe and the measurement of body fat by German doctors.

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Free agent Lavelle Felton shot, dies in Milwaukee

Update: Milwaukee law enforcement officials on Friday morning local time announced that Lavelle Felton has died from injuries suffered from a gunshot wound.

Well wishes this morning go out to Lavelle Felton, most recently of Bundesliga’s Paderborn. Felton is fighting for his life today after he was reportedly shot in the head following a confrontation at a Milwaukee gas station. He is listed as in critical condition at Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital.

Last season, guard Felton went for 10.4 points for Paderborn; he was on the free agent market and was vacationing in his home city. He is 29 years old and has two daughters.

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Up and down: The relegation business is back

With playoffs coming to an end in most countries, teams are starting to hit the summer recruiting market. But currently, several teams are still on hold because they don’t know where they will be playing next season. We took a short look at three different situations where team owners, fans and league officials still don’t know which team will play in which league next season.

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Cabezas the savior and Childress homesick (or not?)

With the NBA playoffs at full speed in the conference finals, the playoffs in various European domestic leagues are in their decisive phase, too. And the nerves of players and fans are on edge right now, as you can see through our short notes on what has happened during the past few days.

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