I am sure most of the people don’t even care if they are from the US. Most of the European people just don’t know. But tonight is actually one of the most interesting NBA EUROPE Live games going on and no – it won’t be MMT Estudiantes vs. Memphis Grizzlies.

Tonight at 8.00pm US time the Euroleague Champion Panathinaikos Athens will face the Houston Rockets at the Toyota Center. The players gave out a lot of autographs and had their pictures taken along with the Greek fans of Houston. There are about 3000 Greek fans expected tonight to be in the arena. Just to let you know, Greek fans are probably the loudest fans in Europe and I am sure the 3000 fans will be much louder than anything the Toyota Center has ever heard. You don’t believe it? Well watch the game! It will be on Greek TV channel ET1 LIVE at 3.00am.

But this is just one of the two games Panathinaikos will play in the United States. The second game will be on Saturday: Euroleague Champions vs. NBA Champions – San Antonio Spurs.