Yesterday, I got a mail from my friend Hippo from Finland who follows closely the evolution of Trailblazers Draftee Petteri Koponen. The guard, actually playing for the Finnish top team Honka Playboys, will enter the Finnish army this fall.

As Hippo reports that

Koponen will be serving at Lahti Military Academy for Athletes. Military programs for athletes have been designed so that after an eight week recruit training, athletes will be able to follow their regular training schedule.

This news has come up in the Finnish tabloid magazine Ilta-Sanomat that further reports that Petteri will most likely go for a six-month stint and only come back in early April. This period will likely help Petteri to become tougher, something he needs if he wants to break through in the NBA.

Hippo also informs that

In Finland, a universal male conscription is in place, under which all men above 18 years of age serve for six, nine or twelve months. Non-military service for thirteen months is also possible.

So Koponen will be ready to serve and he will know what drills are when he comes to the Blazers training camp next year.