Being at a basketball camp 24/7 right now does not help in staying on top of things: Today there are 129 new emails in my inbox and a lot of new developments going on. I guess I’m lucky to be at the 76ers camp, where the director has great connections and informs me about current events from time to time.

Wearing this shirt initiated the latest news tough. As you can imagine, Shawn Kemp is a pretty big deal for Europe. Especially if you grew up in that era with him and Gary Payton. Shawn Kemp was THE deal, right?

Well, Shawn has been offered a contract by Italian club Premiata Montegranaro and if you know a little bit about Shawn’s recent problems, you might want to believe that he be would be more than glad to take this offer.

My five cents: If Shawn Kemp signs in Europe, I am buying season tickets for that team!

Earl Boykins finally took a deal in Europe which many believe he should have done much earlier, like last season, when BallinEurope was already discussing the possibility. Now, Earl has signed with Virtus Bologna, a team which struggled mightily with their Americans last season – Delonte Holland, that is.

As you see, there is no need to speculate, especially when you hear the birds in Olympiakos telling people that even LeBron James is an option in 2010 when his contract is over; let’s talk about that … in 2010.

Let’s keep it realistic – like Jason Kidd realistic. Talking to basketball experts, a Jason Kidd move to Europe would not surprising to them at all, since nobody is a real fan of him for being on the Olympic team. We might have to talk about Jason Kidd in Europe pretty soon – pretty seriously!

That’s all from the deep deep Poconos in beautiful Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

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