From the pages of the Christian Science Monitor, BallinEurope this morning brings not exactly an argument-starter about Team USA 2012 vs. The Dream Team, but an interesting perspective to what this squad has achieved after a 20-year history of the relatively unloved Dream Teams II and III, the Nightmare Team and the “B Team”. BiE always hated that moniker and doesn’t exactly dig the pet name given this bunch either: “Dream Team 2.” How about “The 21st-Century Dream Team” or even “Dream Team 2.0”?

The CSM article runs in full below.

London 2012 basketball: Why LeBron James and Co. are a true 'Dream Team' (via The Christian Science Monitor)

Could the current US men’s basketball team beat the 1992 “Dream Team”? LeBron James has said so, and the way he’s playing these days, who are we to gainsay anything that comes out of his mouth? But something else is more certain, and perhaps more important. The 12 men of the United States Olympic basketball…

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