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Bayern Munich’s boss preemptive “nein” to Nowitzki: “We are not a nursing home for basketball players”

What’s the best way to raise shackles in the German sports world? Easy: Publicly proclaim anything that projects Dirk Nowitzki in anything but glowing colors. Over at heinnews today is a report that FC Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has done just that.

In a line made for today’s instant media, FC Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness proclaimed that his side would be unlikely to ever sign Nowitzki after his NBA career because We are … not a nursing home for basketball players.”

For more on this little pot-stirrer (and Svetislav Pesic’s two eurocents on the matter), click here.

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European Vocation: Early fallout from NBA lockout

The NBA fan’s nightmare came to pass yesterday with the expiration of the league’s collective bargaining agreement with the players, the concomitant announcement of a player lockout, and fresh new fear that professional basketball in 2011-12 might not even happen in the ‘States.

BallinEurope’s gut reaction, at least on a visceral Eurocentric level? Cool! Bring on the empty stadiums and bring in the players to Europe! Whisperings since 2010-11 tipped off had some top clubs claiming to be stockpiling cash for NBA players should the lockout happen; combine this awareness with the desire for some of these guys to, you know, just *play* somewhere, America’s loss could truly prove to be The Continent’s gain – at least after the 2011 FIBA Eurobasket tournament, for which, not so incidentally, the NBA may also have a profoundly negative affect.

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On Team Germany, Bayern München and Dirk Bauermann’s Catch-22

When fans think of European basketball superpowers, typically names like Spain, Greece, Russia and even Lithuania or Italy tend to enter early into any discussion. At least one national program wants to change this conception – and thus far appears to be a paragon of success which others might do well to follow.

To wit, check out a pair of trivia questions, courtesy of BallinEurope:

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Look out, Bundesliga (basketball): Here comes Bayern Munchen!

Rarely is the introduction of a new second-division basketball team greeted with such fanfare; of course, it’s not every day that a world-renowned football brand like FC Bayern joins the hoops world, either.

Bayern München president Uli Hoeness unveiled the new second-division club’s uniforms and future plans amid much hoopla in southern Germany on Friday, eliciting memories of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen along the way.

Also presented to the public were Team Germany coach Dirk Bauermann, who will be taking the reins of the club in its inaugural season; Demond Greene, currently practicing with the national team in preparation for the 2010 FIBA World Championship; and club vice president Bernd Rauch.

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